Basketball Australia and etrainu partner to deliver She Hoops Learning

3 minutes mins read Oct 25th, 2022

Basketball Australia has partnered with etrainu to launch She Hoops Learning, a new online learning platform that brings together women in basketball a place to connect, learn, and develop. She Hoops is an initiative driven by Lauren Jackon’s AO OLY passion for elevating women in sport.

“Probably the most important part for me is a sense of community, playing again for the Opals demonstrated the sisterhood that lives in basketball, I want all women to feel connected and empowered to lift each other up. Women supporting women has been so important through my entire career and the purpose of this platform has been designed to broaden this out to the entire community so they can feel welcomed and supported,” said Jackson in a Basketball Australia media release in early October.

The She Hoops platform has been designed as a safe and inclusive resource hub for all women in basketball sport, from community/grassroots right through to the elite.

It’s a first of its kind for women and girls to stay connected with the sport and offers best mentoring, forums, and resources from around the world. The platform contains a number of online learning courses from personal development courses to cultural awareness training. Users will be able to sign up for live forums and networking events that will be held online hosted by influential women in basketball. The centralised platform gives women the ability to come together through a digital community.

The platform plays an important role in delivering customised courses that are applicable for the development of athletes, referees, coaches, and administrators. etrainu utilises industry best practices to develop SCORM compliant courses that are co-built by etrainu and Basketball Australia. Some existing co-built courses include; Aussie Hoops Coach and Community Coach which are available on the platform.

etrainu Senior Customer Success Manager Rob Flude said we’re humbled to play a small part in bringing Lauren’s vision to life and extend our thanks for the faith shown in etrainu to deliver this important platform.

“Having been involved with the WNBL and the Women in Basketball Program in a previous capacity, I saw first-hand the incredible passion that Lauren Jackson has for enhancing the lives of her contemporaries. I would like to extend my thanks to both Lauren and BA’s CEO Matt Scriven for the faith shown in etrainu to deliver this important platform. We’re really humbled that we get to play a small part in bringing Lauren’s vision to life, and continue her unparalleled legacy post-World Cup,” Rob Flude said.

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